HOSTING designed for kentico

Providing fully-managed hosting services specifically designed and optimised to provide high performance for Kentico CMS.

Our hosting solutions ensure verifiable up-times, PCI compliance, environmental controls, uninterrupted power supplies, and industry standard security/backup infrastructure, policies and practices. Our managed services include, 24x7x365 system monitoring, system administration and troubleshooting.


Kentico Migration services

  • WordPress
  • Expression Engine
  • SharePoint
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Umbraco

We are also experienced at PHP and .NET content and data migrations. We ensure that you do not have any interruption to your business continuity to your content site, eCommerce site or business platform.

Plus daily transactional database back-ups, weekly back-ups using system wide snapshots, server OS & Apps infrastructure support (includes updates/patches), configuration and management of customised servers, storage, security & network devices


Kentico Migration Services

In addition to being highly experienced at managing Kentico migration, we are excellent at trouble shooting your Kentico issues. Issues that maybe been caused by an incorrect configuration.

what makes our hosting solutions different?

High Specification ENVIRONMENT

We far exceed Kentico’s minimum requirements. We understand exactly what is required to ensure your Kentico site is fast.

As Kentico is a database driven application having a powerful - separate - database server with plenty of CPU and RAM is essentials to make sure your pages render quickly.


kentico troubleshooting

Also, because Kentico is a large .NET application it takes time to recompile - this happens after the website is restarted - either by design or because of a period of inactivity. This recompilation time is unacceptable for a site that needs to be available 24/7. To prevent this from happening we contiually ping to keep it “alive”. Doing this increases the memory footprint and is one of the considerations we take when allocating the necessary RAM to your app pool.

RAM allocation

Kentico sites use built-in caching mechanisms, therefore it is extremely important that to take full advantage an ample amount of RAM is dedicated.




High levels of connectivity

Another component that affects the speed of your website is bandwidth.  Our connection speed is greater than any user's connection speed. If your website has a global audience we can host certain files (images, scripts, pdfs etc) on our Content Delivery Network (CDN). This means when your site in Canada has a visitor from Australia downloading a 5MB pdf file they will receive a copy of it from a data centre closest to them.

our infrastructure

60GB 2X (8GB core Intel Xeon) Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter Servers x2

16GB 8 core Windows 2008 R2 Datacentre Servers x2

4GB 4 core Windows 2003 Servier (for legacy) x2

cloud services

Media streaming

Content Distribution Network

other capabilities

Web Load Balancers

Hardware Firewall and web app security software

Streaming Media Services

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